Recording Industry Products


Providing reliable AcroReels products to the

Traditional Tape Recording Industry


  With over 60 years of experience, studios servicing the Tape Recording Industry can depend on AcroReels to provide high quality tape reels. Including our high precision reels, AcroReels reel packaging is the solution that reflects the quality and precision you put into your next blockbuster hit or Grammy winning production.


  The AcroReels reels line originated in the boom of the Recording Industry and branched out from there. We were the top provider of components for 3M reels, Quantegy reels, Ampex reels, EMTEC reels, as well as many others and continue to actively support and serve the Recording Industry.


AcroReels products can be used on all reel to reel machines and are used in mastering studios for the following materials:


  • Magnetic tape
  • Audio Tape
  • Analog Tape

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