High Quality Reel solutions

    AcroReels is the preferred manufacturing partner

for high quality reel solutions. Cornerstone Composites

LLC makes high precision aluminum reels to meet our

customers’ needs serving the SMT, medical, energy

technology, and recording markets. AcroReel brand of

open reel products are manufactured with exacting

tolerances and precision leveling, ensuring a high

quality product. With over six decades of experience,

we work with our customers to provide the right solutions

for each application.


    AcroReel’s open reel production area is equipped with

the latest in aluminum blanking, precision secondary

machining operations, anodizing and precision

leveling technology ensuring a high quality, high

volume product. Standard reels are available up to

16” in diameter, and custom reels and hubs can be

produced in numerous sizes and in several anodized

colors to meet any customer specifications.


    Aluminum Flanges


•3004 Aluminum

•Anodized...natural or dyed

•Standard or custom window configuration (cut-out)

•Precision all aluminum glued assembly (no screws) available for reels up to 180” wide

•Standard flange diameters from 7” to 16”

•Meets WR175 specifications

•National Association of Broadcasters Flanges


    Precision Hubs


•High Grade Aluminum

•Winding widths from .050” to 2.02”

•Standard inside diameter is 3.010”

•Standard outside diameter is 4.5”

•Custom sizes available

•Static band available

•Meets WR175 specifications

•Meets SMPTE specifications


Cornerstone Composites Inc.

900 E. Vienna Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Tel. (414) 964-5200
Fax (414) 964-9677

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