Precision Aluminum Reels


    AcroReels provides world class aluminum reels for a broad range of applications. Aluminum reel packaging is the solution that reflects the quality and precision you put into your product.


    Protect your valuable products with packaging that also adds value. With our commitment to high quality standards, we work with our customers to meet the needs and expectations demanded in the industry.


Our precision reels are being used in a variety of industries, including:


  • Audio/Video Tape Recording and Film

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

  • Electronics

  • Medical Service Manufacturing

  • Energy Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Automotive Components




  • Audio/Video Magnetic Tape

  • Membranes and Webbing

  • Flexible Circuits

  • Precious Metal Precision Wire

  • Electronic Components

  • Superconductors

  • Carrier Tapes

  • Specialty Rubber and Neoprene ribbons and strips



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